KuneAgi's main function is to produce innovative, technically valid, politically legitimate and coherent action proposals, in a democratic and co-operative way. These action proposals are ranked in priority order into an action agenda.

The exact nature of these action proposals depends upon that of the organisation using the software. It will be different if this organisation is a politically active organisation, a firm, a public authority or an association / a trade union / a cooperative.

KuneAgi's main features are:

  • an unprecedented level of internal democracy, at the three key steps of initiative, amendment and ranking of proposals
  • the innovativeness of the action agenda
  • the quality of the action agenda, in terms of technical validity, political legitimacy and coherence
  • the possibility to detect the best contributors, and therefore the new talents in the organisation.

KuneAgi achieves an unprecedented level of internal democracy. The software is designed to concretely enable the participation of all to debates and to decision, to avoid power confiscation or usurpation, while still assuring the capacity to take decisions within a finite time frame and being protected against malevolent actions.

The action agenda generated by KuneAgi will be innovative because the production process for action proposals is funnel-shaped.

The quality of the action agenda generated by KuneAgi may be measured in terms of technical validity, of political legitimacy and of coherence.