The action agenda generated by KuneAgi will be innovative because the production process for action proposals is funnel-shaped.

Upstream, the initiative is very free. All ideas, including the most eccentric, can be expressed to nurture reflection. The (apparent or real) "waste" is a substantive component of the process. It is only by allowing a very great initial creativity that matter is generated that may be sorted later. Paradoxically, even ideas that may initially appear as baroque or ridiculous can indirectly be fruitful, by triggering more concrete and feasible ideas in others.

During the process, the filters embedded in the software select those proposals of higher quality and that comply with the Principles of the organisation. These filters operate through the joint and democratic action of the Members themselves, with no external intervention by administrators. This demanding selection produces a small number of high-value action proposals, ranked into a coherent action agenda.

This funnel-shaped process is typical of productive creativity processes.