The free software called KuneAgi and being presented on this website provides the technical infrastructure to democratically define:

  • the programme of a political organisation
  • the policies of a (local, regional, national, European) public authority
  • the action plan of an association or of a trade union.

In a variant, called Nova-Ideo, it helps defining the investments of a firm, specifically in the fields of innovation, and the problems it should solve.

It networks spontaneous, temporary working groups that operate with highly structured and yet democratic procedures. It generates high quality proposals, able to concretely influence decisions. KuneAgi combines the openness of a Social Network with the structure of Electronic Document Management software. It organises collaborative work and consultation, while supporting unprecedented levels of internal democracy, and therefore of confidence in the procedures and of legitimacy of the outcomes.

KuneAgi is developed by the French free software developer Ecréall. KuneAgi is deployed by the CosmoPolitical Cooperative as the software infrastructure underpinning the definition of its public policies.

To do something means to transform one's environment, society, humans, matter or information, at a specific moment in History, with the intention of improving or of repairing something.

The on-line KuneAgi software will be used in three areas of "doing things together": (1) in political organisations, (2) by public authorities, and (3) in associations or trade unions.

For the innovation and investment programme of private firms, the variant called Nova-Ideo is recommended.

Together means that:

  • the discussion mobilises the capabilities and the knowledge of all, in the construction of a network-based collective intelligence