The online software KuneAgi will be used in three areas of this "acting together": (1) to define the action programme of associations, trade unions or cooperatives, including politically active organisations, (2) to define the actions of companies towards environmental or social sustainability, and (3) to support the participatory democracy approaches of public authorities.

In associations, trade unions or cooperatives

to transparently and democratically define their action programme and thus improve their internal cohesion and their external legitimacy.

In politically active organisations

such as advocacy NGOs, think tanks or any organisation with an intention of social or political transformation by assuming responsibility for the general interest and the common good, where the common issues are to define a programme of government, i.e. the hierarchical, justified and ideologically coherent set of public policies that the organisation or collective recommends to implement, at all scales, from the commune to the European Union.

In this framework, KuneAgi proposes an unparalleled degree of internal democracy, allowing, really, to "transform the world", without the risk of seeing the participants' efforts get lost in the confiscation of power by a few.

In companies

to define its actions towards environmental or social sustainability, taking into account the interests, skills and knowledge of all its stakeholders, internal and external. KuneAgi thus contributes to the fulfilment, by the company of its obligations under European law in terms of sustainability information, and, even more so, in terms of duty of care under French law.

In public authorities

to give substance to their approaches to participatory democracy and the involvement of all stakeholders in the definition of their public policies.