The on-line KuneAgi software will be used in three areas of "doing things together": (1) in political organisations, (2) by public authorities, and (3) in associations or trade unions.

For the innovation and investment programme of private firms, the variant called Nova-Ideo is recommended.

In political organisations

be they formal or informal, in the legally recognised form of a coperative, a party, an association, a think tank, or in any informal gathering of people sharing this intention of social or political transformation, while heeding a responsibility for the general interest and the common good, the common questions are to define a political programme, this means the ranked, justified and ideologically coherent set of public policies that the collective would engage in, if it were were holding decision-making powers, at all scales, from the commune to the European Union.

KuneAgi implements an unprecedented level of internal democracy, allowing, really, to "do politics differently", with no risk of seeing the participants' efforts being lost in the confiscation of power by small cliques.

For public authorities

in order to give flesh to their endeavours to mobilise citizens' participation and multi-stakeholder involvement in the definition of their public policies.

In associations and trade unions

to define their action agenda transparently and democratically, thereby improving their internal cohesion and their external legitimacy.