Together means that:

  • the discussion mobilises the capabilities and the knowledge of all, in the construction of a network-based collective intelligence
  • all members of the human collective participate in this discussion, in the three phases (1) of the initiative of proposals, (2) of their amendment and (3) of their ranking in hierarchical order of importance, priority or quality. This broad participation means in particular that work is done remotely, in non-real time, so that nobody be penalised by his/her geographic or schedule constraints
  • the discussion is set in the rigourous framework of fair and efficient procedures that allow everyone to speak out, but also reach decisions after a finite time
  • the resulting decisions are legitimate, both technically and morally, because the technical advice, the moral points of view and the opinions of all will have been listened to and taken into account. Even if all do not agree with the result of the discussion, all admit that the decision-making process was fair and just (in the same manner that, in a healthy democratic regime, everyone accepts the poll results, even the supporters of the losing party)