The Working Groups operating for an association or an union will produce Documents that are Action Proposals for the association or the union, which are justified and ranked in the hierarchical order of a democratically validated working agenda.

The main advantage brought by KuneAgi to an association or an union lies in the transparency and the democratic legitimacy of its working agenda. When, as it frequently is the case, the association or the union only has limited means, while the field of its potential actions is broad, the issue of the priority order between its action campaigns is essential. KuneAgi gives all members of the association or of the union the opportunity to express their desires, to discuss them and to collectively and democratically build an action plan. The software therefore reinforces the internal cohesion and the external legitimacy of the association or of the union.

KuneAgi is specifically efficient when the members of the association or of the union are geographically dispersed, and have limited opportunities to organise physical meetings.