The Working Groups operating for a public authority in charge of a territorial area (commune, county, region, State, European Union...) will produce Documents that are Public Policy Proposals at the scale of this territorial area.

A Public Policy Proposal is a justified recommendation for action that the participants in a territorial reflection equipped with KuneAgi want the public authority to engage, in the field of its duties. In other words, a Public Policy Proposal is the supported and justified answer given by the participants to the following question: "Facing this issue, act as if you were the public authority in charge. What would you do? Why?" In general, a Public Policy Proposal addresses an identified issue, or aims at reaching a well-defined, desirable future state.

The main advantage brought by KuneAgi to a (local, regional, national or European) public authority in the animation of a participative democracy is the mobilisation of capabilities and of concrete field experience of citizens. By giving each participant the possibility of having the initiative of a proposal, the software mobilises everybody's vigilance to identify and detect problems or opportunities for progress. By the quality of dialogue and of common reflection, by the automatic filtering brought by the requirement of group work and by the Support Token mechanism, the software sets up a reservoir of concrete, realistic and well-supported proposals, that may improve the constituents' daily life, now, before the next election.