KuneAgi is a free, libre and open-source software, freely available for all to download here, according to the GNU Affero - GPL v.3 licence. It is being developed by Ecréall, on the basis of the existing Nova-Ideo platform, and of an existing, detailed, 146-pages long, functional specification, using free, open source code.

(as of 01 February 2020)

The KuneAgi software is deployed on the site of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative. It builds the software infrastructure underpinning the development of its public policies.

The variant of KuneAgi adapted for innovation management in companies is deployed, under the name of Nova-Ideo, for a paying customer since early 2016.

KuneAgi's further, advanced features (e.g. the subscription system), are described in its detailed, 146-pages long functional specification.

The evolutions of the software platforms KuneAgi (for political environments) and Nova-Ideo (for corporate environments) are democratically discussed on the website dedicated to the evolutions of Nova-Ideo, which operates with the Nova-Ideo software itself.