A forum is the locus of a non-conclusive discussion, on themes that may be highly specialised, where everyone brings in his/her question or issue, by initiating a "discussion thread", to which the other participants answer. The frequent pitfall of these tools is that the ensuing discussion has no end, turns in endless inconclusive rounds or in sterile disputes. Even if interesting arguments were exchanged, no trace of them is left, and no capitalisation is possible.

KuneAgi is different from these tools in that the discussion, that may indeed be initiated by any person, has a purpose and reaches a result. The discussion has a precise and limited goal, the collaborative writing of an Action Proposal. All exchanges between participants aim at the co-operative design of these Documents, and at their evaluation and ranking. The discussions and exchanges of arguments and information take place, of course, but they are organised to reach a conclusion, and are archived to justify the final decision.