The main function of social networks (of which the best known is FaceBook) is to gather people around subjects of common interest, and to disseminate within this group the information relevant for its members. The intention is to gather people, to have a discussion or a chat, to create a semi-permanent affective social link - of which the nature and depth remain an issue for further debate.

Social networking is a minor, collateral function of KuneAgi. Indeed, its Working Groups gather people that share a common interest. However, this common interest is very precise, limited and focused, namely to write an Action Proposal. The affective dimension (esteem, friendship) is not the purpose of KuneAgi, even if it may very well develop progressively among the members of the collective using the software. The gathering of people in the Working Group is purposeful: its objective goes beyond the pleasure to meet friends and to talk with them. It is to work together, on a concrete document, and to reach a result after a finished duration.

Additionally, the Working Group in KuneAgi is provisional: once the proposal is written and agreed upon, the Working Group dissolves, so that its members may dedicate themselves to other Action Proposals, either together or separately.

In other words, a social network has an affective, relational, playful, permanent orientation, of inter-human interaction for its own sake, in "being together". KuneAgi has a more objective, rational, focused, purposeful, temporary orientation, and more in "doing things together" - hence its name.