On a blog, or on a blog syndication site, the actors all are isolated individuals: the author on the one side, and the readers - commentators on the other.

Indeed, a dialogue exists between the author of the blog and his/her readers - commentators, but all remain alone, and there is no means to build a common text, because contributions follow each other without interfering with one another.

Additionally, the relation between the author and the readers - commentators is asymmetrical. Only the author initiates texts, and s/he controls, via the blog moderation, the publication of the answers by his/her readers - commentators.

KuneAgi brings in a collective dimension in the writing of texts. These are written by a Working Group that operates in an open and democratic way, taking into account the opinions and perspectives of all, in order to reach a superior, collective intelligence. In addition, all members have identical rights and obligations. None has any particular rights, because the system functions without even requesting an administrator.