The project promoter

The project promoter chose Sergio Arbarviro as his pseudonym.

He was trained as an engineer, and worked in this position for over 8 years. In this professional experience, he worked on several functional and technical specifications of complex software + hardware products. Additionally, he has a long experience of political activity, specifically in the "Centre des Démocrates Sociaux" party in France (which later became the "Mouvement Démocrate", ALDE group in the European Parliament). He concretely implemented KuneAgi's operating principles in an association experimenting in real life the design of public policy proposals (1995 - 1999). Between 2006 and 2009, he created and led an association whose purpose was to gather European professionals from varied social and cultural backgrounds, so that they collectively design European-scale Public Policy Proposals, in intensive residential workshops.

Sergio Arbarviro designed and wrote the version 1 of KuneAgi's specifications in June 2008. His reflections joined those of the informal group "Fabrique-Idées" (in French) in June 2009, around the key concept of autonomous and temporary working groups. He developed the successive versions of the specification, in close cooperation with Ecréall, since September 2012. He launched the concrete development of the software, in October 2016.

Sergio Arbarviro is one of the founders of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative SCE.

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