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Accueil English FAQ Why did you start the development with the writing of a specification?

Why did you start the development with the writing of a specification?

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The custom in free software development is rather to code fast, code early, and to correct errors and bugs incrementally.

The reason why the software development started with a specification, before any form of coding, is that a software like KuneAgi touches very strong and sensitive power issues. Once set up in an organisation, an incomplete version of KuneAgi, which would leave open the possibility of a confiscation of power by a small clique, cannot be modified any more, as would be the case in the incremental development process that became classical in free development software. Not for technical reasons, but because those who have been able to exploit the weaknesses of a preliminary version will refuse to see it evolve in a direction that would deprive them from their (illegitimate) power. This is why, contrary to the usual free software development process, it is very important that, starting with the version 1.0 of the software, the essential elements of the democratic functioning, and that are described in the specification, be in place.

This is also why the development takes place outside from any existing organisation, using a public subscription mode.


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