KuneAgi, a software to do things together

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General advantages

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The advantages of the KuneAgi software, valid for all applications considered, are the following:

  • the capacity to listen to and to really consider the word of all, at the three key steps of the initiative, the amendment and the ranking of proposals, while keeping the capacity for the collective to take decisions. This listening to all is the assurance of the technical quality and of the moral legitimacy of the action programme resulting from the collective's work, and therefore of its efficient and fast implementation.
  • the capacity to handle complex and transverse issues, that belong to several topics or organisational departments (which is a frequent feature of our interconnected societies - specifically on sustainability questions).
  • the innovativeness and creativity of proposals.
  • an openness to any person that has an opinion on the proposal, or that feels concerned by its potential consequences, without having (often self-proclaimed) "experts" or "specialists" confiscating the debate.
  • the capacity to handle a given issue along distinct approaches (following the principle that "nobody owns a subject"), even if these approaches are later to be ranked hierarchically by the external Supports system, if it appears after debate that they are indeed not reconcilable.
  • a participation to work with no restriction by geographic, monetary or availability schedule constraints, and therefore open to a broad diversity of interests and experience, and to geographically dispersed collectives.
  • a better continuity of work, ensuring capitalisation of efforts.
  • a traceability of meetings and decisions taken, with no additional workload.
  • a self-controlled technical quality, by the participants themselves, through the filters that are embodied in the activity of the Working Group and in the threshold on the number of received external Supports.
  • a good control of non co-operative behaviours ("trolls", infiltration, power usurpation and concentration).

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